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I understand how difficult and overwhelming it is to find the right therapist, please keep in mind that my therapeutic services are only available to California residents. Additionally, I offer professional consultation, supervision, and sliding scale services to those who may qualify. 


Individual Counseling: $175 (60 min.) 

Professional Consultation: $200 (60 min.)

Supervision: $150 (60 min.)

Insurances Accepted 

Aetna, Cigna, Optum, United Healthcare, Oscar Health, Oxford, UMR

Yoga at Home

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

Bringing awareness to the mind and body, mindfulness allows the client to reframe their relationship to the self while addressing negative self-talk, allowing us to be less reactive and more compassionate to what is causing a person distress in the present moment. It is a way of relating to all experience-positive, negative, and neutral- such that our overall suffering is reduced and our sense of well-being increases.

Solution-Focused Therapy

Highlighting the need to increase motivation and develop personal change, solution focused therapy identifies the natural strengths and resources of an individual to construct practical and sustainable solutions. SFT is collaborative, positive emotion eliciting, and future oriented.

Keyboard and Mouse
Yoga Practice

Emotionally Focused Therapy

 Emotionally focused therapy (EFT) seeks to improve relational dynamics, adult relationships, and attachment/bonding. Using a collaborative approach, the therapist and clients look at patterns in the relationship and take steps to create a more secure bond by strengthening communication, clarifying the needs of the relationship, and developing more trust to move through the relationship in a healthier, more positive direction. 

Ketamine Assisted Therapy

I off Ketamine Assisted Therapy in Sacramento including pre-journey preparation and  integration services for those seeking to find relief and alleviate symptoms of anxiety, treatment resistant depression, PTSD, OCD, suicidal ideation, and complex trauma. I approach my work with cultural and spiritual humility and incorporate an integrated somatic psychotherapy approach that serves to guide you in connecting to your innate healing intelligence by strengthening your connection to your body and developing greater insight into Self. 

Above the Clouds
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